Custom Coded Theme Migrating to Paid Theme

Custom Coded Theme Migrating to Paid Theme

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My site has a custom coded theme and I want to update it to the Stiletto theme. I've downloaded the theme and have done enough customizing to see that Stiletto will work for our needs but most pages did not transfer well and will have to be rebuilt. What is my best approach for essentially rebuilding the site? Do I become a Shopify Partner so I can work with it as a developer would? Is there another way to build it offline in a similar way?

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Becoming a Shopify Partner makes no difference in the case of building a theme. Being a Shopify Partner is more for submitting themes to the Shopify Store, Submitting your own Apps to the store, managing client stores, etc...


To work on your store in a local environment this can help you get started:




Just note that this isn't really offline. You are writing the code on your local pc, but the updates are syncing with the theme installed on your store and you need to check the changes there. Shopify's closed source platform doesn't allow a 100% offline only mode.

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