Custom pages are all showing identical content [Debut Theme]

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Hi all, I have been trying to add some custom Sections to my static pages prior to the release of my new website. I'm doing this by creating a new .liquid template page with the content I want in it, then matching the new Page Name to that template. The first page I created (an About Us) worked exactly as expected. However, when I follow this method to add new .liquid template pages, whenever I use sections e.g. {% section 'hero' %}  that have been used on any other custom page, the new page shows the identical content. I am definitely assigning the right template to the new page. 

So basically.. in this case, the About Us hero section show the image of a vehicle. When I create a completely new page for say FAQ, if I add the {% section 'hero' %} code to the new FAQ template and assign it to the FAQ page, that FAQ page will show the exact same vehicle image as the About Us page?!?  This happens for every matching section that I add. It is freaking me out!

It's the Debut Theme, everything is current and up-to-date. I am on a 2020 iMac running Big Sur. 

Has anyone had this experience or could you possibly point me in the direction of a fix? It would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.




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