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I have a database with approximately 8500 rows and around 10 columns.  I want to search by the first two column (manufacturer and model) and if I have a corresponding collection, it would open the collection.  If I do not have a corresponding collection,   it would open a custom quote form and prepopulate information based on the search result.  


Is there a way to create a database in Shopify (Metaobjects?) and can anyone recommend a strong developer that can implement this.  For the right developer, I have much more detailed specifications.

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Hi @RollyTaskerNA ,


In shopify this is not possible with meta fields. Becasue shopify only allows to filter with atmost 100 meta fields values. As you said you have over 8500 records, you will have to use custom app thats hosted in another server to achieve this. 

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Hi @RollyTaskerNA 


You can incorporate the Manufacturer and Model details into metafields and employ a third-party search application to implement a Year Make Model (YMM) search functionality. I suggest experimenting with AI Search & Product Filter, which supports adding YMM search through metafields. Additionally, their development team can assist in customizing the pop-up quote form to provide options when no results are found.

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