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I am running Sense version 13.0.0 and was to add custom text in front of both the regular price and the comapre at price.


I have tried a few solutions but they only add text before the regular price and annoyingly they strike it out.

Is there a way to as text before both the regular price and compare at price without them being stuck out?


This needs to flow from the front page featured collection, the main collection page and on the product itself.






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@BuckleyClothing - if all prices have same text then you can edit the price file code to add text as per your need.

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Yes they will, it needs to say WAS and then NOW. But I would like the WAS price not to struck out.

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I have edited the price.liquid code to add in the was and now text, but the "was" wording is not following the same font rules as the price.

I have placed the WAS wording on line 56

Placing it on any other line doesn't;t make it fall in line with the theme.


Any clues?


Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 11.17.47.png