Customers having trouble logging in website

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Some of my customers are having trouble logging in to our website.

When they log in, they are sent back to the login page.

Even when I sent them a password reset link, they still encounter the same error.

I tried 2 test accounts: 1 was able to log in normally and 1 had the same issue.

The only quick solution was to delete their account and have them create a new one, which is not a good one since they will lose their records and order history.


This is getting frustrating because we are possibly losing customers because some of them keeps getting into this login loop. And what also doesn't make sense is that I created 2 similar test accounts and 1 of them immediately experienced this login issue.


Is this a shopify server issue? I don't think it's an issue with the coding since other customer accounts are working normally.


Thank you.

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My site is also having this issue.  I can't replicate it but we've had more than one customer complain and I know of another website that had this issue yesterday.  Not sure it's been resolved for them. I'm also concerned about loss sales.

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I had the same  issue on Jan. 19 and contacted support and they said they had no issue and closed the ticket. Today another customer complained and I am now with support to try to address the issue.... this is very frustrating. who knows how much this has affected my sales 

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This is what the support person told me just now. was told it was resolved but it might take some time for all the store to be updated. was advised by the support person to check later. 



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Wow, didn't know others are experiencing the same issue as our store. This issue has been ongoing for us for the past 2 years. We have talked to support and theme owners but they never found the issue or could not replicate it. As well we have been told to just redo the entire website to potentially "fix" the problem and we have been dealing with it ever since. Hopefully, they fix it, just lucky we offer call-ins for orders. It's really frustrating especially when it aggravates the customer for having such a hard time with the website.

Hope they have something to say about this.