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My website will be a consulting agency providing services in digital marketing, writing and proofreading, graphic design, and selling ready-made templates. I am not sure if Shopify is the right platform to do so; however, I need someone to create my pages and arrange the entire website. What are the price ranges? As a start-up, my budget is very minimal.

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You can do that model on shopify however shopify was primarily made as a platform for merchants selling physical goods. Selling digital products, or scheduling bookings, etc are all second class features you have to enable through apps or theme customizations or methodical usage of the variants system,etc.


If you do not have a specific defined reason for using shopify, that is more than you just heard of shopify , then you should continue researching until you are 100% sure of the fit for your requirements.


If you want someone else to setup the site for your prices vary from a couple hundred to thousands, and you will get what you pay for.


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Yes, that's right. Literally, I will be selling digital products, so I cannot see if this platform yet has those features. I tried to customise it, but there are many things missing.