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PFB the summary:


We are developing a store for a bespoke clothing brand. Here's the normal flow that we would like to achieve on our website:

1. User likes a product, Adds it to cart, Places an order.


Post the order, we would like to collect a few images and some details about his/ her body measurement so that we can tailor and customize the order.


They can submit the details via on that page itself, or via other options.


Challenge: We can't seem to find any option to make this functionality work without getting into the coding.


Any help is appreciated. 



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Hi @StoreDeveloper1,

Consider implementing the Easify Product Options app to integrate custom fields for customer measurements directly on the product page, utilizing the Dimensions option type 🤗. This approach ensures a seamless user experience, with customers inputting their measurements before adding the product to their cart. For example:




Unlike requesting measurements post-order placement, this method enhances both user experience and order management. By incorporating customer inputs within the Order information, you streamline the process and create a more efficient workflow for handling customer data and order fulfillment.

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