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We ship our product once a week, and offer pick up once a week.  I have added a date picker app so customers have to select the date their product will be shipped or the date they will pick up. 

However, under "Shipping and Deliver" --> "Local pick up time" I have to select an expected pick up time. None of these are correct (the pickup time will be the date they chose) - is there a way I can add a custom option in this drop-down menu? Or disable this feature altogether?

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-bumping this question-

It would be great to have an option for custom text. Our industry lead times are high right now for new product orders. So we are struggling to keep stuff in stock and getting more product. Thanks.


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Bump again, or can this just be omitted from the order confirmation email

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I was able to hide the text on the products page using the following css:


.store-availability-information .store-availability-information__stock {
  	display: none;




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Bump! Can't it just be a blank field? So we can choose the time we want or leave it blank? We make frozen yogurt, our products are ready in 20 minutes, not an hour!

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This can be changed!! I just happened upon it, i think! 

Go to:

Settings --->Checkout--->Checkout Language

Then scroll down until you get to: 

"Checkout delivery options"

There is also another option at the very bottom of the page:

"Store availability pick up time"

Just change the text to whatever you prefer.

I hope this works for you 🙂

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Thanks Aynwithplan. Just would like to add that you can also change the text based on the below:

Look under Themes - Actions - Edit Languages - Checkout & System

then look for "Checkout delivery options" and  "Store availability pick up time" to modify according to your requirement.





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The language translation doesn't work - maybe it's just my theme.


^following thread in case Shopify ever respond or a solution is found...!

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This is a good find. It changes the text that appears in the Checkout when you choose Pick Up under Delivery Method. What it doesn't solve, which is much more important, is the automatic email sent to the shopper that their item is ready for pickup. This is all automated. What would be ideal is for the time to be set manually, or to be turned off completely. Then the merchant could go into the Order and send an email from there that the item is ready for pickup. 


It's very clear that Shopify has not given this much thought, as per usual, and it's getting really tiring that this behemoth of a company just doesn't give a s**t. They're so similar to Apple at this point, in how little they're interested in Dev or Merchant feedback.

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any luck with this? we are having the same issues and the language fixes suggested before do not work.  please advise.  any help would be much appreciated!    thanks. 

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Anyone find a new workaround for this? Apps? Checkout.liquid code?

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Did anyone know if it's possible?? My client usually has immediate pick up options, but we are no being able to do so :(!

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I'm also not having luck with the translation workaround. I changed the language under checkout/delivery to what we need, but it is not showing up on the live site. Our custom items are handmade and often take weeks to create, so 5+ days aren't accurate for our customer expectations! 

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the changes seems reflect 10 minutes after....

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We are having the same issue as we would like to customise the text for pick up. None of the checkout setting listed worked. Do we have an answer on this?

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bumping this... still looking for a solution

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We are just wanting to have a line that says. We will contact you when ready for collection. Could Shopify please add that as a choice?