Customizing Shopify Product Page for Service Reservations-Directing from Image Banner to Reservation

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Hello everyone,

I'm running a service-based business on Shopify, specifically offering sessions that last 1 hour. I'd like to create a dedicated product page for this service, but I'm facing a challenge with the "Product Information" section on the page.

Here's the issue: The standard "Product Information" section includes an image of my "product" (in this case, the service), which I've set up as a product on the main Shopify page. However, I want to customize this page with an image banner at the top and a "Book Now" or "Make a Reservation" button.

The problem is that the "Buy" button is currently configured to direct customers to the product page, not my reservation page powered by the Cowlendar app. Is there a way to set up the image banner with a button so that it takes customers directly to the reservation on Cowlendar, bypassing the product page?

I'd appreciate any insights or suggestions on how to achieve this on Shopify. Your help is invaluable!

Thank you for your assistance.

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@raiden212 wrote:

 main Shopify page

There's no such thing under a merchants control.

There is only a merchants store's homepage, aka index,  for that stores theme.


If there is no point to letting customers reach the product description page, PDP, then try a redirect 


Otherwise if a theme doesn't already have a section that shows an image with a button, then you'd need to either make this custom-html in some html design tool and then use a custom-liquid or custom-html section/block to add the design you've created.


Or have it customized for you  if you need this customization then contact me by mail for services using contact info in signature..
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail.

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