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Dawn 2.0 adding a text box to each product page

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I am trying to upgrade to the new Dawn 2.0 Theme.  I need to have the option of adding a text box to each product page, similar to what Etsy uses for its "Personalization" box, so customers can provide more information required to complete their order.   e.g the 'name' they require to be embroidered. 

This information submitted needs to be displayed on the checkout page and with the order for admin.   I will use the new 'meta fields' to provide different instructions for each product . 

Can anyone help me with code?

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Hi @Guleria , that has worked to add in the extra boxes but I dont understand how I get it on only some of my products as not all of my items need to be personalised



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Hello @LauraRiver2020 ,


They are many way to do it.
1) Using alternate template
2) Build a logic with tags

3) Build a logic with metafile 


I recommend metafield. Enable a true/false metafield and call it in the code you added in main-product.liquid
The logic will be if product metafile is true, your code will works else do nothing.


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Try GEMPAGES a great app with drag and drop features.
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@LauraRiver2020 Check out this video tutorial here where you can learn how to add If conditions

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Hi - Thanks very much for your tip so far. Do you know if it's possible to change the colour of the box as it's framed in black but my text for my website is dark blue? Thanks, Amy

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You will have to add CSS code for that