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Dawn 2.0 - Adding quantity available to product page

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I feel like this really shouldn't be that difficult. Would anybody have the code that I need to copy and paste into the product page template?

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I could use that too 🙂

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Hey @Stage I just use the following custom liquid field on my product page.


<DIV>{% if product.variants.first.inventory_management == "shopify" and product.variants.first.inventory_quantity < 6 and product.variants.first.inventory_quantity > 0 %}
Only {{ product.variants.first.inventory_quantity }} left in stock!
{% endif %}</DIV>

 This looks to see if there are fewer than 6 in stock but more than 0 products and then outputs, "Only 3 left in stock!"


If the product is out of stock it's hidden and if there are 6 or more in stock it's hidden. Just change the numbers as required. 

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this keeps saying only 1 in stock but I have more?


do you possibly have a solution please??

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It works great, thank you. The only problem is that it doesn't work with a product with multiple variants. It just shows the stock quantity of the first variant...

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Hi 👋 

I ended up getting the Shopify tea to resolve this for me. They were really helpful.

I couldn’t find a way to resolve the issue with variants without them.


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Sorry I'm a complete noob, how do i go about getting the Shopify team to
resolve this for me? Thank you Bec