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I have multiple images per product listing. To see the other images, the default product page requires you to click and zoom in. Instead, I would like to make it a gallery - similar to how it looks on the mobile version. If that is not doable for the desktop version, is it possible to create it as an image swap similar to how the Debut theme does it? Pictures attached below since my shop is not online.


Dawn 2.0 Desktop Version - Requires you to click on the other images in order to see them enlarged.

Dawn 2.0 Desktop Product Image Zoom InDawn 2.0 Desktop Product Image Zoom In











Dawn 2.0 Mobile Version - Product Image Gallery, Only requires you to press the arrows to see other images.

Dawn 2.0 Mobile Product Image GalleryDawn 2.0 Mobile Product Image Gallery












Debut Desktop - Image Swap, you click any thumbnail and that image gets placed on the main image display.

Debut Product Image SwapDebut Product Image Swap

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That's an advanced customization for the dawn theme product gallery to behavior similar to the debut theme.

Merchants wanting this customization can contact with store details, use case details at paull.newton+shopifyforums@gmail.com .

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