dawn 2.0 theme issue

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hey id like to switch my store over to dawn 2.0 eventually but,

when i go to "product information" and select "hide other variants"... im still left with variant images... some products show more than others, but no product is truly hiding all variants. With this, on web browsing the page looks like a mess and makes mobile browsing confusing as variant images always show in slide, regardless of what is selected.


my current store theme "minimal" only displays the product variants that are selected.

is there something i can do to figure this out with dawn 2.0? has anyone else encountered this issue?


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There are some theme issues that occurring in the theme of my homepage and I have no idea how to fix it manually guide me if anyone has its solution.

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Please your store url & screenshot what do you want!


If helpful then please Like and Accept Solution | Email: dmw.webartisan@gmail.com |  Instagram: @dmw.webartisan
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Sorry you are facing this issue, it would be my pleasure to help you.

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Thanks for your good question.

Please share your site URL, yak chews petsmart
I will check out the issue and provide you a solution here. packing goat