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Im trying to recreate my current debut theme in dawn for the new store 2.0 features.

My current live store is in debut theme with a custom code to increase the logo size: https://iamgreenminded.com/

How do I fix the code in the new dawn theme to be the same as my debut with the larger logo?






thank you


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This is an accepted solution.

Thanks for this, it's working great.

To fix the issue of the logo resolution, you can change the settings in header.liquid.
Assuming you want to change the image size to 350, you can do the following:

{%- assign image_size = section.settings.logo_width | append: 'x' -%}

to be changed to

{%- assign image_size = 350 | append: 'x' -%}

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Hi, Shadia. I haven't encountered this issue, but you should be able to adjust the header padding in the base.css file in the Main Header Layout section. In my file, that starts at line 2163; however, I've adjusted code in various places so it'll be a little different in your file (probably a bit earlier than that).  I see two places where padding is applied, in .header and 

@media screen and (min-width: 990px) {
.header {  


The second one will only affect devices with a larger screen. I imagine the first one would affect all devices, so if you change padding there make sure to check it on mobile to make sure it doesn't mess up the header on smaller screens.