Dawn Email Sign Up Not Working

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Hi so I just opened up my store and noticed my email signup is not working.

It's located at the very bottom, when you enter the email it takes to "verify you're not a robot" then when you click submit it redirects you back to the homepage where you enter your email without a message saying it worked. Then there is also no email received at all. Anyone kind enough to help with this?


My store URL is fleurdecors.com

Thank you in advance!

Bottom of the homepage to sign upBottom of the homepage to sign upTakes you to Verify and hit Submit but then just jumps back to first imageTakes you to Verify and hit Submit but then just jumps back to first image

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Hello @thatkidleo711

I have tested this at my end and it is working fine and there is no recaptcha coming at my end.

>> https://prnt.sc/HvOlWYfB1dRk

But you can once check this by disabling the captcha settings from the preferences in the backend  and then try signing up the email.

>> https://prnt.sc/udAe3WjaPgiG

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