[DAWN] How to Add 2 Columns - And multiple rows for one of them

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Dear all, 


I would need help for these two bullets:


1) I need the following design for my Blog, I have been trying multicolumns theme but I wasn't able to add multiple rows in the right column | 1 | 4 |:




Do you have any tip?


2) After the step above, I need all the rows (The big one on the left column, and the smal ones on the right column) to be linked to my Blog posts (not any product). Is there any way?


Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards;

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Hey @capablancaR , 

If there is no section like this in your theme then you need to create a custom section.





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Dear Ritu-25, 


Many thanks. Do you have any clue or link where I can learn the code to prepare this?


Thank you in advance!