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Dawn Product page

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 I am trying to find  product page liquid for Dawn 2.0 so I can customize it but I can't find it. main-product.liquid isn't it since it doesn't show vendor or pricing text. 

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Hello @AlohaAkahai 


Once you Log in to the Admin, then process the following steps:


Step 1: Go to Dashboard ->Online Store ->Theme-> Customize->Select Product page->






Step 2: Select Text block or add the text block and put the vender field on text block







Step 3: Save OR Liquid code



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None of this was actually helpful. 


            {%- when '@app' -%}
              {% render block %}
            {%- when 'text' -%}
                class="product__text{% if block.settings.text_style == 'uppercase' %} caption-with-letter-spacing{% elsif block.settings.text_style == 'subtitle' %} subtitle{% endif %}"
                {{ block.shopify_attributes }}
                {{- block.settings.text -}}


 Better question would be, where is {{- block.settings.text -}} stored?