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Dawn: Slideshow: How to make the "card" background be semi-opaque?

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Hello all,


It feels like this should be easier than it's turning out to be...


Stock Dawn theme

Home page template element "Slideshow"


I want to make the "card" that works as a background for the text semi opaque (i.e. CSS opacity property)


I'd prefer to accomplish this using the Custom CSS section of the Slideshow.


I've managed to get it so the entire thing, background and text, goes transparent, but that's not what I want.

Here's that:

.slideshow__text.banner__box.content-container.content-container--full-width-mobile.color-accent-2.gradient.slideshow__text--center.slideshow__text-mobile--center {
opacity: .5;


It's gotta be easier than it seems... I've been trying every selector in Chome's dev tools, but nothing seems to be working.



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Hi @BreadMonkey 

Did you add opacity to the background instead of making that container opacity? 

Please drop your store link here so I can provide the code.

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