Dawn them select multiple variant as checkbox

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Dawn theme only allow dropdown box and button.

Default dawn theme:




I need help to implement check box for theme dawn that can allow me to select multiple item in one product.







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The simplest path is to create an order form


To ingrate something like that directly in product pages without an app is an advanced customization.


Merchants that want this customization can contact me at paull.newton+shopifyforums@gmail.com with store name, and usecase details.

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Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for the suggestion, I had looked into it already and try the demo and it seem like it is not what it want it.


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What if I just want to enable multiple selection on the variant product ? 
e.g Select both (Front-Door-Window) AND (Rear-Door-Windows) 

Or could be any combination as picture illustrate below.


Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 10.22.00 AM.png