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Dawn theme 12.0 : "Hide other variants’ media after selecting a variant" not working

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I'd like to get this option to work properly but I can't manage to find a solution.

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Is it broken or is there something particular to do on the product side?


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Hi @Atoban ,

You haven't addressed the issue you encountered when using this option. The purpose of this option is to hide images of variants that are not selected (instead of displaying all images as initially). If you continue to face issues, please let me know with more specific examples.

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Hi, thank you for your response.

My issue is that nothing happens when I enable it and select a variant of the product on my website.

I have a product with 3 colors available, and 6 photos per color. I'd like to hide all other photos but the ones corresponding to the selected color.

The color is written in the alt text of each images. For example, all images corresponding to the "red" color have "red" as alt text.

I followed this tutorial:

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I've exactly the same problem, nothing happens, even if images, titles and alt are correctely named with colors...

Looking forward to solve this issue,