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Hi Gang

Seems I've struck some kind of problem with allocating new pages to the architecture of the dawn template. 
I can add new (marketing pages) but unable to add a template style to them. 

I want to create a series of second level marketing pages, that sit one level down from the main nav, that them link into the product/shop pages. 


I keep using the template but them when i save it - i'm saving over the top of the previous template. Also picking an previous site that might have errors in the set up. Call this out if it has been set up incorrectly. 




1. I cant seem to assign templates to the pages. 

2, Is this type of hierarchy possible with dawn?  










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This is Mike from Omega


To create a new template for Page, you can add a new metaobject and select type to be Page. Then you can add a new entry with that metaobject and custom the page like others on theme customize. Finally, create a new page and assign it to the enty.


Hope my answer will help you

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Thanks for your reply but that really wasn't an actionable answer. 


In the cusotmised section I have created a template: eg blogging. 

But I can't select that in the page drop down to choose an online store theme template. 


Blogging is not showing up in the drop down. 








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I'm having a similar issue with the Craft theme.  Did you figure out a solution?  


Note - I am currently customizing the Craft theme in the Theme Library (unpublished) as part of a website rebuild. The published theme is different but I can only seemingly assign theme templates from the published theme to any Pages I create.