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Dawn Theme: Background Color Changed

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Has anyone experienced their background color change when toggling from desktop to mobile and vice versa? Experienced a total change in color tonight when we made our site live. Suddenly our mobile background went black while our desktop was white. 


Any help would be appreciated.

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My understanding is that you want to change the content background not including the header and footer. If so, just add the code below inside the base.css file under Asset folder. Just change the color "white" to any background color you want.

#MainContent {
background: white !important;
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Thanks for sharing it's working fine for me. It there any code or plugin that will help me to pick exact color like Whatslinkhub is using in their header section? I want to use exactly same color in my new Shopify store.

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Fixed it! Someone had installed custom code at mobile breakpoint. TY for your help. The code reference was what allowed me to find the source of the problem.