Dawn theme - color swatches master thread

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Hello everyone,

Who's up to talk about some color swatches?
I gathered the three main questions about this topic in our community, and I think I found the solution that covers those problems and I want to share it with you.

Tell me your thoughts and what did the job for you.


1 - Add color swatches
2 - Show only photos of the selected color on product page
3 - Show all color variations as separate products in Collection pages


At the moment, the only solution I found (using NO apps) was, to add the color swatches in the product description using the HTML editor for each product - this way, all the color swatches will be displayed in all product pages and when someone selects another color, they will be redirected to the respective product page of the selected color.
In the collection, it will display all product color variations as separate products.

ps: The Swatch color images were upload to Files, and then linked to the product description using their respectives "URL"


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i hope this is a  solid solution for you that I found 


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Thank you @BrandBuilding88 , really nice addition.

Amazing tutorial, with focus on the color swatches!
Hope they cover the topic about all those color variations being displayed as separated products on collection pages.