Dawn Theme empty where sold out should be

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We have desperately been trying to get a hold of someone on support but I'm going around in circles and being forced here.


We have the dawn theme across probably about 150 of our stores. 


The issue we have today is on the site: https://the-cure-uk.myshopify.com/ 

Right now, items that are actually sold out do not turn opaque or even a bit greyish, and when you click on a sold out product it brings you to product page and the text sold out is missing and an empty box sits there. 


If you look at our other shop here - https://europe.kingsofleonshop.com/ it is showing on products exactly what we want on the cure shop. On the collections pages or home page, the products sold out are opaque and when you click on the product we again see that it is sold out. 


We need this on the cure shop.
I have tried every snippet of code, been to loads of forums, copied and renamed files etc etc....noting is working. 


Can someone please help? 

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Please share screenshot what do you want !


If helpful then please Like and Accept Solution | Email: dmw.webartisan@gmail.com | Instagram: @dmw.webartisan
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Good day,


Thanks for your reply. 


Okay, here are the screenshots and more explanation:


I am going to show you Kings of Leon first - you can see in screenshot below, items shaded out or opaque, which means sold out...


shaded means sold out 3.png


Then when you click on one of those products (You can see it live here as well if you like, https://europe.kingsofleonshop.com/collections/music/products/when-you-see-yourself-exclusive-vinyl), we get the usual page but it says sold out...


on product it says sold out 4.png


But on the site where I need help, which is the The Cure, there are two things not showing. Just below the products we had a label saying "Sold Out", that just disappeared, and you can see below in the screenshot, the second issue which is the items sold out are not actually shaded or opaque, and when you click on the product, where it should say sold out, it is empty.


labels under products sold out 1.png


Then over to the product...


Bloodflowers Whi.png


I've even updated the following files:





I made sure we are using the variant instead of the image as well. 


nothing will change to the way it should. 


Thanks for your help

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Just seems like the sold out text has been made white on a white background.

Verify the pages source html if the text "sold out" is actually present or not.


If you have products with both available variants and sold out variants, check if the behavior is the same when changing options; and then with/without javascript enabled.


Ultimately you may need to retrace steps that may have led to this situation or rollback theme files

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It seems like there is not text configured for the "sold out":


Have you tried editing the theme's languages and verifying the "sold out" text is there? 




As it was already mentioned, you need to see what exactly you modified and revert back. These issues are not present in the Dawn theme, so it was definitely some code that was added, removed and/or modified.

Kind regards,


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