Dawn theme error on mobile view! please help!!

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In my dawn theme 8 version I made some customizations to the theme and I have some error on the mobile view.

I tried removing all the customizations I made but I still cannot solve it. 

I appreciate the help.


This is the issue:

while on mobile view, when I go to one product and them go back to product collection page a black translucent piece appears over the page.

It is very weird and only happens when going back to product collection page.


I attached a photo to better explain. Please help!! I trying everything and it is very annoying 😞


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here is the screenshotCaptura de Pantalla.png

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@hesh you can revert back the page in which you have made changes 



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Did you still need help with this, or you got it covered?

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Changes made to my design are reflecting in the backend but not on live mobile for me. I have cleared my cache and tried everything under the sun, not sure what's going on.