Dawn Theme - form within a link popup issue

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I have an issue of pre-site loading with my form showing weirdly. I have pasted a code into my theme.liquid before </head> as I cannot have a section within a section. But have this issue now of the form showing on site preload. its ugly. How can this be fixed? image is shown after the code below.


<div id="popup2" class="overlay">
<div class="popup">
<h2 style="font-size:20px!important;text-align: left;font-family: work sans!important;font:semibold;color: #000;">Contact</h2>
<a class="close" href="javascript&colon;void(0)" onclick="yourFunction()">&times;</a>
<div class="content">
{% section 'contact-form-popup' %}




Im pretty sure the css has nothing to do with it. Hopefully, theres away to fix this?!


Screenshot of pre-site loading:

onpage load home screen.png


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Hello There,

Please share your store URL and password.
So that I will check and let you know the exact solution here.


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