Dawn Theme Hide Price of Out of Stock Items

Dawn Theme Hide Price of Out of Stock Items

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 Hi everyone,


We've created a collection page to display all of our out of stock products since we sell vintage one of a kind items and would like people to see our previously sold products.


On this specific page, we are hoping to hide the price, but we see no default option for this and do not know code.


Can anyone help us determine which code is needed on our "Product Archive" page to hide product prices? We would need this to be the same for if someone clicks to view the actual product page for any of our out of stock products - we want the price hidden.


Website: mimo-decor.shop

Page: https://mimo-decor.shop/collections/product-archive

Password: mimo


Appreciate your help here!



Thank you,
MiMO Decor
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Hello @mimbuffalo ,


It's GemPages support team and glad to support you today.


I would like to give you a recommendation to support you so kindly follow steps below:


1. Go to Online Store > Theme > Edit code of your current theme


2. Open your theme.liquid theme file


3. Paste the below code before </head>

.price.price--sold-out {
  display: none;


For example,



If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.


Best regards,
GemPages Support Team

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Totally worked. Thank you!

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Thank this also worked for me as well. 🙂


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This solution works for me, but I'm wondering if it is possible to display the text: "SOLD OUT" instead of removing the price when an item is out of stock 🙂