Dawn Theme. How do I move product name above product image and price?

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The picture above is the way I would like my product name to be displayed.


This is what my product name is currently being displayed as:





My website is www.moxxishop.nl

password is: maycru



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Hi @JMecom,
The way to do this is quite simple
First, you need to go to edit theme code: https://prnt.sc/fC9fvxIDyg1Y
Find the main-product.liquid file: https://prnt.sc/CLr-dUMPndOI
Find the code with product.title: https://prnt.sc/B8Lki9pGP6D9
Transfer that code so it is placed before the product media gallery, like this: https://prnt.sc/AbSSUeJl5_zM

and the product name should be above your product image and price.


Hope this help and let me know if you have any questions 💗

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