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Here is an image of what I currently have, these icons that you can see are simple emoticons that i copy and pasted.





How do i change these icons to custom icons?
website: www.moxxishop.nl




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Hi @JMecom ,

You can reference icon texts at this website: https://coolsymbol.com/

Then, pick an icon, that you want and paste this on the product title. Hope it will be helpful for you @JMecom 

view - 2024-02-06T093517.208.png


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Hello @JMecom 


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add Font Awesome (Fafa) icons to your Shopify theme:

1. Download Font Awesome: Go to the Font Awesome website and download the free version of the icons.

2. Upload the Font Awesome files to your Shopify store: 


  • Go to your Shopify Admin panel.
  • Click on Online Store > Themes.



  • Find the theme you want to edit and then click Actions > Edit code.
  • Under the Assets directory, click Add a new asset.


  • Here, upload the Font Awesome files that you downloaded.

3. Link the Font Awesome CSS in your theme:

  • Go to the Layout directory and click on your theme.liquid file.
  • Add the following line of code in the <head> section of your theme.liquid file to link the Font Awesome CSS file:


{{ 'font-awesome.min.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}


4. Use the Font Awesome icons in your theme:

  • You can now use Font Awesome icons anywhere in your theme by using the <i> tag and the appropriate class for the icon you want to use. For example, if you want to use the fa-home icon, you would use the following code:


<i class="fa fa-home"></i>


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