DAWN Theme - image banner strange behavior - changing images

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Hello everyone.


We have used this procedure (https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-design/how-can-i-set-different-banner-images-for-mobile-and-...) to change the image banner in the header area of the home page to display a different image on a mobile device than on the desktop.



Screenshot 2024-04-21 001031.png


Screenshot 2024-04-21 001042.png


Previously we used image banners to create visual transitions between sections blocks.

These have also been retained.



Screenshot 2024-04-21 000738.png



But if we now want to add an image banner for the purpose of those visual transitions, sometimes it will change to the alternative mobile version image.  But we don't want that, the alternative image for mobile should only be the one on the home page in the header area. We have not found any logic in it.



Please can someone help us with that issue?

The link is https://47450f.myshopify.com/

Many thanks in advance

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