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DAWN theme loads huge blurry images on modal view (on product image click)

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When i click on my product images DAWN theme loads huge versions of them, as a result on desktop (i have a 2700px width screen) they look blurry and on mibile user views a super zoomed image with a lot of scrolling required.

I kinda fixed this by altering CSS file section-main-product.css

on line 651 i changed width:100% to 75% for desktop and maybe tablet devices and on line 610 i added "width: -webkit-fill-available;" full implementation on my comment here:

I have tried this and it works fine on my product pages (for example here

Do you think this is a valid, viable and stable solution? Or will i discover some agly surprises shortly? I have only tested it on my product pages but i post it here if anyone else has the same issue as me to let me know. Thanks. 

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