Dawn Theme - Main Product Image To Be Default Image Instead Of Variant Image

Dawn Theme - Main Product Image To Be Default Image Instead Of Variant Image

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I recently upgraded from a 1.0 theme to 2.0 Dawn theme. All of my products have variants. When I would be on a  collection page, the main image would show for a product. When I clicked on a specific product on the collection page to go into that product page, the main product on the product page page would still be the main image. But now since I made the change and go into a product page, 1) the first image is no longer the main image. The first image that now shows is the first variant picture. 2) Most of my products have 3-4 variants, each variant having its own image. A few have 30+ variants. Before the change, all of the 3-4 variant images showed as thumbnails below the large product picture. Now after the change, none of the variant pictures show unless you select a variant from the picker. 


I want to fix both of these. 1) I want the first image on a product page to be the main image, not the first variant picture. 2) I want all of the variant pictures to show as thumbnails. 


Here is a product that is not working correctly.



(As a quick fix for some recent products that I was promoting for the holidays, I re-uploaded a bunch of the variant pictures but did not link them to the picker. They would then show as regular additional pictures. But I have many products and I don't want to have to do this for all of them.)


Thank you.

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I'm having this exact same issue, though we don't need variant thumbnails. Have you found anything yet?

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Did you by any chance find a solution?

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