Dawn Theme Mega Menu Text Wrapping

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Hi all, could anybody help me with this text wrapping issue. I'd like the mega menu headings (dawn theme 12.0) to stay on one line (if the screen size allows)?




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Hello @DenHineCITS 
Please add the below piece of code to the end of "component-mega-menu.css"


#MegaMenu-Content-4 .mega-menu__list {
    grid-template-columns: repeat(5,minmax(0,1fr));


 NOTE: this is a custom fix for the 4th mega-menu in the list which is "Football Gifts" in your case. 

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Thanks so much for your help JasmeetVT14313. Yes, that works for the gifts menu. Could you just explain how this code works so I can apply it when needed to any menu?