dawn theme menu second level auto open

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Hi there I want to build the mega menu on a dawn theme.  
also add on mouse over open the sub menu items

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Er Sanjay
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Hi @ErSanjay ,


It's customization work, for that you need to hire a developer or need a developer help,
to add this feature with custom code.

You can contact (https://www.halothemes.com/contact) for support.

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Level 1 would contain your top-level links.
Level 2 (Submenus of level 1) would create the headings for each column
Level 3 (Submenus of level 2) Contain the links that populate each column

A 3 level navigation should look like this:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (5).jpg

Sonia Mim - Layoutbase.com Ambassador
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@soniamim   thanks for the answer I create a menu from the Shopify admin. 

I want to show into storefront like this wat I see on the git repo  https://github.com/Shopify/dawn/issues/947  I want same as this issue 

Here is an example website 


I really thankful if you can help on code level customization I see the app but I don't want to use the paid apps

Business Owner & Full Stack Sofware Engineer
Er Sanjay