Dawn Theme - Mobile Variant Images Bug

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  1. When on a product page on mobile...
  2. Select a variant
  3. The variant's image is placed in position #1 in the product image carousel
  4. The product image carousel scrolls to position #1 so the variant's image is in view

There appears to be a bug with step #4 when on mobile. You select a variant, but the variant's image is not scrolled into view. The carousel gets stuck on position #2. You can try this on this website: https://cleverwarehouse.com/products/magical-eyebrows-eyebrow-stamp-kit - when on mobile, just keep selecting different variants and you'll see the carousel gets messed up.

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?

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I am facing the same issue. All variant images are getting messed up. I don't know how customers are giving orders or they are just leaving site after getting confused by which variant to select. 

Has anyone found the solution yet?