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I'm currently looking at the Dawn Theme.  I've set up a store and have a menu with multiple levels.


Each of the sub level items display a category of products.  I'd like to be able to click on the Top level item and have it take the user to a 'landing' page for that product type.  Hovering over the top level item or clicking on the down arow should still open the sub-menu but I'd like the top level item to be a lank too.


Is this possible?

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Hello @TimWild,

In the Dawn Theme, you can make the top-level menu items clickable so that they take users to a landing page for that product type while still retaining the functionality to open the sub-menu when hovered over or clicked. This can be achieved through customization of the theme's navigation settings.

To implement this:

  1. Navigate to the customization options of your Dawn Theme.
  2. Look for the menu settings or navigation settings section.
  3. Find the setting that controls the behavior of the top-level menu items.
  4. Enable the option to make top-level menu items clickable.
  5. Save your changes.

With this setting enabled, users will be able to click on the top-level menu items to navigate to the corresponding landing pages, while still being able to access the sub-menu by hovering over or clicking on the down arrow.


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