Dawn theme update

Dawn theme update

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I am currently on Dawn version 9 and would like to update my theme to version 14, after doing so I realized that many of the changes I've made coding-wise are now gone. Is it possible to update the theme without interfering with all the progress I've made on the older version?

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Hi @ypcollective !


Whenever there's a theme update, it would be best to always back-up your current theme as updating means, brings in new code for additional features and possibly changing the structure or functionality of certain sections or page. The reason why most codes that you entered on your previous theme is gone are not supported or was not updated on the current theme and some of these customizations will need to be reapplied or adjusted because the underlying theme files might have changed.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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Hey @ypcollective ! Unfortunately, when updating themes via Shopify they specify that code customizations/changes will not be carried over to the updated theme.


The only way to update your theme while transferring over all your custom code is to use an app like Theme Updater, which uses AI to automatically transfer all your customizations to the updated theme. You can check it out on the app store here.


Hope that helps!