Dawn theme variants aren't working

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We have just set up our second Shopify Store using the Dawn Theme

We hava a few products with color variations.  We have entered the varients, but they don't show up on the site for the buyer to select.


I have seen a couple of solutions to this issue for other themes, but not for the Dawn theme.


Can someone tell me how to fix this!

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Is there an example that you can share? Most often this isn't due to a particular theme but rather JavaScript/code errors that may have been introduced via apps or direct edits.
If you can't share a link do look at console logs in your browser as that may give some clues as to where the issue is coming from.

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I have the same issue. Perhaps one of my apps cause this known problem. I have:



One Click Upsell



Lucky Orange

Simple Bundles


Sticky Add to Cart Button

and Tractor

Hope this helps, i really don't know how to fix this