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I am looking forward to implementing Dawn, or at least a 2.0 compatible theme as our next move for our store. I'm following along on github and it looks like lots of changes are being made, even on the daily basis. When working on a Dawn theme in my store, are these updates being added to my theme as well or are they only affecting a fresh installation? My main question being, does it make sense for me to be working on a transition to Dawn if the theme is relatively incomplete and any work being done on my end now wont carry over to the newest and most complete iteration?


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Shopify themes generally don't get updated automatically unless the version on your store hasn't been modified at all and the changes to a new version don't include changes to the settings (config/settings_schema.json).


Dawn is at version 2.4.0 at the time of this post and I'd say it's pretty much production-ready and "complete", as in "stable". Of course it will receive minor and major updates over time as bugs get ironed out and new features get introduced as Shopify's platform evolves. But if you want to use Dawn, now is a good time as any, just know that no theme will "last forever", meaning that while it will likely work for years, you will probably want to update at some time and that is going to be a bit of work.

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