Debut Template: Bullet Points Will Not Work

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We are running the debut template on CSS with the file theme.scss.liquid, and I want bullet points in the product descriptions to list features etc. However, the bullet points show in the Shopify editor, but when you load the page the bullet points are there for a second or two then disappear again. Not only that but there is no indentation to the bullets.


I am using the code:

#collapseOne ol, ul {
margin: 18px;
padding: 0;

which does give the indentation but the bullets are still not visible. I have searched every question and tried many lines but they have not worked.


An example page of a product that I want bullet points for is:


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Please add following code your assets/theme.css bottom of the file.

li.bodyBullet {list-style: unset !important;}


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Hiya I dont have a theme.css...

I applied it to the bottom of my theme.scss.liquid and it changed the whole site. Any fix?

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Any ideas