DEBUT Theme - How to Automatically add free gift to cart

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So I'd like to add a free gift to all products when ant product is added to cart without using an app if possible.

The Buy X Get Y feature is really good but you need to add both the qualifying item and the free item to you cart for the offer to kick in. I want the free item to auto populate when any product(s) is added to the cart.


This post suggests using the Gift Wrapping feature and swapping Gift Wrap for a Product. While the feature does indeed auto populate the cart, the post is sort of vague on changing the gift wrap to a product and also the gift wrap has to be selected using a checkbox option in the cart.


Would anyone care to explain how to substitute the Gift Wrap feature to any product on my store?


To remove the checkbox option so it truly auto populates in the cart?


Thank you


Edit: FYI I'd like to add a free digital download to any purchase. The Digital Download app isn't exactly what I like as it doesn't add to cart.

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