Delete or hide widget logo

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Is there a way to hide or delete the logo on this widget?


Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 15.12.57.png

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Hello @Nadine10 

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Hi @Nadine10 ,


Based on the image you provided, your store is installing the app 'Common Ninja All‑in‑One Suite'. To hide the logo from now, you can follow this

  1. Navigate to Theme => click three dots button => select edit code
  2. Find the Layout > theme.liquid, then scroll down until you see '</body>'
  3. Prepend the below code right before </body> 
            const commoninjaInstalled = document.querySelector("script[src='']");
            if (commoninjaInstalled) {
                const interval = setInterval(() => {
                    const commoninjaRibbon = document.querySelector('.commonninja-ribbon');
                    if (commoninjaRibbon) {
               = 'hidden';
               = '0';
                }, 50);





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