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Delete Pinterest Tag

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I am not the original developer for this Shopify site I am working on. I was told to make some edits to a Pinterest page. When I click on the Pinterest app in Shopify, I see this error.

Pinterest tag


Delete Pinterest Tag

A Pinterest Tag was manually added to your account. Remove the code for the existing Pinterest tag, then refresh this page to create a new one.

The Pinterest tag is a piece of code that’s automatically installed to your website to track conversions and measure campaign performance. To use this tag, you must comply with Pinterest’s Advertising Guidelines, the Pinterest Ad Data Terms and applicable laws.

I followed the instructions on this page to remove the "manually added" tag from my Shopify theme code,

For example, remove base code from theme.liquid (and I searched all other files in my entire codebase).

<script type="text/javascript">

pintrk('load','YOUR_TAG_ID', { em: '{{ }}', });
<img height="1" width="1" style="display:none;" alt=""
src="" /> 

I am not seeing this code anywhere when I do a text search in the entire codebase. When I do a search for "pintrk," nothing shows up. I do not know how to remove any of this stuff because I cannot find the code that is supposedly in my app which is causing this delete Pinterest tag issue.

I do not find the Checkout code example either, nor the AddToCart. If I cannot find the string, "pinkrk," which exists in all three examples of the code I am supposed to remove, then is it safe to assume none of this code exists in my Shopify site's codebase? If that is true, then what is causing this delete Pinterest tag issue?

Thanks for any help.

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Did you find a solution to this ? I have the same problem now going on 3 yrs. No one from Shopify or Pinterest are much help.

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Make sure to also delete code from your checkout settings 'order status page' box

Jordan Holmes
Shopify Expert and Ruby on Rails Developer
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Go to Settings and then click the checkout tab in. 

Scroll down a little and then you will see "Order Status Page"


remove any codes related to the tags from there and you are good to go.