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Design / Different collection title images

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Silly startup designer.... I'm sure every one else will know...

I am placing 8 different sup-brand collections. Each of these 8 pages will have several products. 

I want 8 different title images.... but currently the collection uses the only one title image... darn!

What am I missing... or is there an easy APP?  Please tell.

fyi - I had massive stroke and my language is really really slow... in general I'm trying to again deep code changes, etc. Trying to find an easy APP of fix. thanks!

Here are a few ... same title images



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From your description sounds like your trying to show collections within collections?

Without seeing the setup and spending time reading any code you've created the simplest method is create a menu of those subcollection then you can use a linklist object to step through which collections are shown and through that linklists list of collections get the images of each linked collection.

Lots of info on the forums about using linklists to create functionality.


If you just want to get this customization built contact me at with this topic url, store url, theme and use-case details.

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Hi -

I'll see if I can fix or get an APP.... if it doesn't work, I will send an email and see if you can help... thanks!