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design of the product description

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i use DAWN Theme, i want have my products like the screenshot in the description: 
Brand Name in BOLD on the top
Product description and size 
Price (without ,00) also the price should be everywhere on the same line

how i can do that? 


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Hey @dantesinferno 


Thanks for the Info and the attachment and you have reached the German community here, but we can chat in English too, that's no problemo! 😉



Because you are looking for a somewhat specialized customization and redesign of your page, we actually have a specialised English Design Forum where there are some HTML and page-design experts like in case you want to post the same question there:



These experts will probably send you some great tips on how to redesign your page the way you want it, or they will offer you their services to go into your dawn theme code where they will carry that out for you. 


The other option would be to try out some of our Page Builder Apps like Shogun, GemPages, or PageFly with which you can build awesome and professional looking pages in order to greatly enhance your customer experience.


Hope that helps! 😉

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