Different Home/Landing Pages for each Market

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Hi. I am working on a site that is going to have several Markets.

Based in Australia, but soon to start a US market.

That is all set up with an alias domain for customers from the US.

The problem is that when a US customer goes to the site using that domain, it goes to the default Home page, with all the Australian content. When I try to edit it, it says I need a JSON template. So, I created one and applied it to the landing page designed for the US. That all looks good, but the Alias Domain still goes to the default Home Page Template.

We want to simply have the US Market customer go to a home page dedicated to them. With their own menu, etc.


I am happy to edit the theme code, but I am unsure how to do it or even if it can be done.

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Bump this to the top - Same issue I am having right now. Multiple markets, multiple alias, all lands on the US homepage. Any help from the community would be great.

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