Different images for mobile than desktop web

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@Giftsy wrote:

Hi @KrazyGear, where did you add this piece of code?

This will vary wildly by theme and sometimes even version of the same theme.

Merchants needing to buy this customization can contact me at paull.newton+shopifyforums@gmail.com with store url and theme name.

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Hi Ninthony,

Is there a way to modify this code so that an SVG can be uploaded?

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Hi @Ninthony ,

So there are so many pages now I cannot find the answer.

How do I show different pictures on mobile vs desktop in the product description on the product page?

Also how do I implement lazy loading?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Hello @Ninthony and thanks for your code with link ! I try to add an header (H1) in your code but it's no work...


Thanks in advance,



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Hello @Ninthony , I know this thread was a long time ago, but if you are still looking into it, I would really apprecciate the help! as you are the hero of the topic haha, I'm using Prestige theme and need the same thing posted here, to display diferent images on Desktop and mobile. The section is "Image with text overlay", is there any chance you are still helping with this?

Thanks in advance, Oscar