Different menus for specific collection-pages (Enterprise Theme)

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Hi everyone! Were working on the Enterprise theme, and have a load of custom collection templates that we use to alter each collection page. We would like to showcase different menus for different types of collections on their respective pages, and have found / altered the below code to hopefully show what we aim to achieve.

(****main-menu handle is NOT the main menu, not sure if this breaks other code and if I should remake the menu and change the handle to something more fitting like "onderdeel-menu")

{% if collection.handle contains 'onderdeel' %}
{% include 'main-menu' %}
{% if collection.handle contains 'onderhoud' %}
{% include 'onderhoud-menu' %}
{% if collection.handle contains 'overig' %}
{% include 'overig-menu' %}
{% else %}
{% include 'homepage-menu' %}
{% endif %}

The question with the above code is (if it'd work as intended), where should we insert it? If its theme.liquid or header-liquid, what place / rule within the code should we put it in and how to prevent syntax errors?

Appreciate any input!

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You can try to add code into main-collection.liquid or something like that in your Sections folder in Online Store > Themes > Edit code


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Hi @generalharley ,


We have implement the same in DAWN theme may be logic could help in your theme too.


Please refer to the below video for instructions.

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