Different order confirmation emails for different items

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We are trying to figure out how to set up a different order confirmation email for a set of 2 SKUs in our online store. All of our other items should have the standard order confirmation email, but one particular item is an event registration (having two variants, so 2 SKUs) needs its own confirmation email that looks like the standard one but having an extra custom message at the top to provide additional information (with HTML formatting so we can include a hyperlink). 

We found some information in other forum posts on using conditional logic but the example given was only to separate one SKU, and we've been unable to figure out how to set it up with two SKUs.

Would anyone be able to help us with this? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. We've tried a few things and had no luck so far. 

For the sake of any coding examples, the two SKUs needing their own message are MCHIPA2021 and MCHIPB2021.

Thank you for any help! 

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