Different prices for high street store and my online store

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Hi, I have an online store and two bricks and mortar stores. Like most businesses in this situation, sometimes I need and option to have my online prices different to my high street store prices. I am shocked that Shopify doesn't yet offer this. Is this something that's in development? This is the only thing stopping our business from using Shopify epos. Our current sytem allows you to put in a trade price, RRP price, a 'store' price and and 'online' price. 

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Unfortunately, Shopify only provides a secure framework for you, but the rest is entirely up to you. However, still, take a look at the variant system within Shopify. It can solve your problem in a simple way. Otherwise, you may need to look into custom solutions.


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Hi, Thanks for the reply. Where can I find this variant system please?